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bjd_intrntnl's Journal

BJD International, Ball Joint Doll & Dollfie Club
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Ball Joint Dolls, BJD, ABJD, Dollfies, Asian Dolls
This is an open minded Ball Joint Doll Community for everyone interested in BJDs to post photos, photostories, and discuss. 1/6 Scale vinyl Asian dolls are welcome too.

Feel free to join if you'd like. :]

There are some rules, but they aren't very strict:

- It's an open-minded community, so...be open-minded.
- Don't discriminate against other peoples' dolls: don't express your hatred towards any companies that you personally aren't fond of.
- Don't be rude.
- If you post more than one photo, or a photo that's bigger than 600px in width, please put it in an LJ cut.
- Adult content is allowed, as long as you warn everyone and put it in an LJ cut.